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1. About ALACE

The Association of Lao Architects and Civil Engineers (ALACE) were found in 2004.  A regulation administered by the Ministry of Communication Transport Post and Construction came into effect requiring that architects be licensed to practice the profession. ALACE concentrated on building an organization that served both the profession and society. Activities addressed the following areas:

  • Professional practices
  • Professional standards
  • Professional ethics
  • Code of conduct
  • Cooperation among members in pursuing shared goals
  • Promoting architectural research
  • Professional advocacy


2. Objectives

ALACE aims to (i) promote the continuing enhancement of the architecture profession in ways that are friendly to the environment and that preserve Lao traditions, while maintaining professional independence (ii)  Promote harmony and unity among members to enhance the stature and efficacy of ALACE with a common focus on activities that benefit the profession and society (iii) Serve as a resource for professional and technical information and advice for the benefit of members and society (iv) To encourage, support, and promote education, research, and development that ensures the field of architecture progresses with the times (v) Cooperate with government agencies, as well as domestic and international organizations and institutions, to create an understanding and appreciation of the principles, role, and scope of the architecture profession as a means for fostering credibility and trust (vi)  Promote, develop, and perform the architecture profession in accordance with the highest standards of service and ethics for the benefit of members and the public (vii) Define and certify the standards and rules for the practice of architecture.

3. Current Office Bearers

Term of Office: 2012-2015
President : Ar. Phonexay Southiphong
Vice presidents 1 : Ar. Khamthavy Thayphachanh
Vice presidents 2 : Ar. Manokham Vongxay
Committee Board : Assoc. Prof. Manoloth Phinith
Auditor : Assoc.Dr. Aphisayadeth Insisiengmay
Honorary Secretary : Ar. Desa Paramy Abhay
Honorary Treasurer : Ar. Vongphay Bounmany
Social and Communication Committee 1 : Ar. Sounantha Kanlaya
Social and Communication Committee 2 : Ar. Phatthana Simmalavong
External Relation Committee 1 : Assoc.Prof. Dr. Khampaseuth Thepvongsa
External Relation Committee 2 : Ar.Saykham Thammanosouth

Honorably Executive Committee
Honorably President : Mr. Sommath Phonesena , Minister of Ministry of Public work

And Transport

Honorably Adviser Committee :

(1) Prof. Sengkham Phinith
(2) Mr. Seun Phetsanghane
(3) Prof. Dr.Bounleuam Sisoulath
(4) Prof. Dr.Somphone Dethoudom

Event Manager Assistance:

(1) Mr. Kiethong Boriboun
(2) Mr. Thavy Saysanith

4. Current Membership

Membership: As of February 2012, ALACE has 1,180 active members.
Regular Member     1,022
Associate Member        158
Honorary Member            2

5. The ALACE Network

The primary operational role of the ALACE headquarters is to provide services to members and architects in general through general administration (administrative and financial services) and by implementing the various aspects of the Board’s annual operational plan: professional; technical; preservation; architecture; international; and recreation. In addition, the ALACE provides up-to-date information to members and architects concerning building codes through publications, seminars, and inquiries. The ALACE HQ office provides membership information, processes new members, renews memberships, sells publications and souvenirs, and runs an architecture library.

ALACE Chapters
There are currently 3 chapters of ALACE, semi-autonomous chapters under the ALACE umbrella located in three regions of Lao PDR as: North region including of 7 provinces, Central region including of 5 provinces, and South region including of 4 provinces. Each province also assigned sub-chapters to scaling up the policy of ALACE.

Legal status
ALACE is registered as a private association under the laws of Lao PDR. After the establishment of the ALACE, all licensing and registration of architects came under ALACE by law. Registration Authority of The Association of Lao Architects and Civil Engineers (ALACE) are at the provincial Departments of Public works which is under the Ministry of Public works.

6. Congress

National Congress of Association of Lao Architects and Civil Engineers (ALACE) will held every term of 3 years to review the activities implemented and select the new committee board of ALACE. Every year ALACE also held the Annual meeting to review a physical year, programs and future plans.

7. International affiliations

The ALACE has been a member of ARCASIA since 2011 and renewed its membership to UIA in 2008.
The ALACE signed Memorandum of Understanding with 8 countries:
1. Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) in 2006;
2. Viet Nam Association of Architects (VAA) in 2006;
3. Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Association (VFCEA) in 2007;
4. Pertubulan Akiteck Malaysia (PAM) in 2010,
5. Korea Institute of Registered Architects (KIRA) in 2010;
6. Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) in 2011;
7. Ikitan Arsiteck Indonesia (IAI) in 2011;
8. Sri-Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA) in 2012.

ALACE entered into these relationships to exchange information about professional know-how, practices, and standards and to organize joint activities among organizations and their members.